Michelle Destroys Her Slave Bitch

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Michelle Destroys Her Slave Bitch

Runtime: 27:18 | Release date: 05/06/2017
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Description: Goddess Michelle Lacy leads her submissive bitch slave into her dungeon with his worthless balls in a vice. After torturing his pathetic slut sacks, she readies her slave for a whipping. Goddess Michelle Lacy's whip cracks on his pale back leaving bright red welts. Goddess Michelle Lacy gives her worthless slave a chance to get a light caning by giving very clear directions: if he spills any juice from the orange placed in his mouth, Goddess Michelle will administer a caning of a lifetime. Of course her pathetic slave can't follow Goddess Michelle's simple instructions, and she lives up to her word. She starts caning his pale pathetic ass until it radiates heat. Goddess Michelle Lacy has trained this slave before to suck her huge black cock in a pleasing manner. Her slave lubes up Goddess Michelle's wonderful cock with his spit, and readies it to penetrate his slutty man pussy. Goddess Michelle begins pegging her slave, thrusting her strap on dick deep into his slave ass. Goddess Michelle Lacy is disgusted by her slaves pathetic slut sacks. She informs her slave that she intends to destroy his worthless balls and starts poking them with her fingertips. Not happy with the amount of pain she is inflicting, she stands up her slave and kicks his gross slut sacks repeatedly until he falls over in pain. Goddess Michelle doesn't relent and still tortures his worthless balls while her slave is crying on his knees like a little bitch

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