ClubDom In Our World Women Rule
Jean and Raina are glowing after having utterly humiliated Jean's husband. To ensure he has not an ounce of manly pride left, Jean continues to taunt him with the remote shocker around his balls as Raina laughs. Jean tells Raina that they only way her subby hubby can have an orgasm is at her feet. Then, of course, he is made to lick up his filth. "Is this floor clean enough to eat off of?" Jean asks her bitch. Before the slut can answer, Jean demands, "Then jerk off on this floor and lick it all up" Raina laughs as the slut begins to stroke his dick. "He actually aroused by having you fuck him in the ass!" Jean stands over the bitch with her arms folded and floor tapping on the floor.
In Our World Women Rule!
Brutally Female Domination!