Mistress Jean has tied three of her best slaves together by the balls. She wants to impress, Jaelynn, a potential slave buyer, with a full blown game of "ball tug of war." From the gate the slaves begin tugging and pulling against each other, each trying desperately to save their own balls. Then one of the slaves stumbles. He cannot hold his own. Jean unties the disappointing ball bitch and stands the slut him on his feet with is legs wide open and his balls helplessly exposed. Smiling, she shows Jaelynn exactly what kind of treatment losers get on her slave farm. What ensues is non stop, brute force ball busting. The ladies kick and punch the slut's balls until he can no longer stand. Why not ruin the bitch's balls at this point? Then they nail him in the nuts even more. When the slut is crumbled in a heap on the ground, holding his broken balls and crying, Jaelynn stands over him and laughs at his ruined balls.