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Cheyenne loves to wreak havoc on a man's balls. She is especially delighted when she can lure a bitch into begging for it. Cheyenne's bitch has just made his bed, anxious to get out of a sound caning, he opted for punishment on his balls. Cheyenne slips on her black leather gloves, jerks up his balls and begins caning them with out mercy. The more the slut cries, the more Cheyenne enjoys this exercise. Then Cheyenne begins slapping and squeezing the slut's helpless nuts. "Just think," Cheyenne smiles,"I could pop your worthless balls with one twist of my thumb." The slut begs for mercy, which just adds fuel to Cheyenne's fire. There is no mercy at her FemDom estate. Brutally Real Female Domination!
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Brutally Female Domination!