ClubDom - In Our World Women Rule!
Mistress Coral is delighted with a would be video slave. He comes to her with high hopes and tender little nuts. Coral grabs him up by his balls and begins kicking him, one blow after another. By the third or fourth kick, "tender nuts" knows he is in over his head but Coral won't let him back out. She keeps right on kicking. Then she puts his balls on the "chopping block" and steps on them, driving her spiky heel into his balls. The obvious fear from her would be slave fuels Coral's sadistic streak. She loves taunting him. Coral squeezes his balls so tight they look as if they might pop and then drives her finger into them. Just when the little nutted fellow thinks he may be done, Coral throws him to the floor and starts punching and slapping his aching balls, laughing all the while. When "tender nuts" is finally curled up in a fetal position, groping for what is left of this balls, Coral kicks him in the gut and smiles.
Brutally Female Domination!