Club Dom Brutally Female Domination!
This is pure "off camera" fun. In between shoots, Jennifer LeMonde began eyeing the cattle prod in the corner of the dungeon. She couldn't resist grabbing up a slave and tormenting him with it. She starts of shocking him with the prod and laughing as he jumps in the air. She then demands that he stay on the rug as she shocks him. Jennifer pushes him right to the edge of the rug. When a jolt from the cattle prod sends the slave prancing off the rug, she drags him back over to the rug and shocks him even longer on the next go around. At one point the slave starts to bow out and refuse to take any more jolts. Ms. Lemonde is having none of that. She flashes her smile and tells the slave to "Just stay on the rug." She gives the slave another strong jolt with the prod. Jennifer is glowing ear to ear as she puts it to the slave in a way he never imagined. **We didn't plan on filming a cattle prod scene. Some one was kind enough to grab the camera and film this spontaneous interaction. You will notice the scene isn't professionally set. You will also notice a stunning Mistress with a devilish grin having an immense amount of fun**
Brutally Female Domination!