Mistress Savannah is having a blast at Lady Cheyenne's dungeon. She is delighted to find that Cheyenne has left a couple of strategically placed slaves for her use for her entertainment. Savannah eyes a slave that is locked into a ball stock with his hands restrained over his head. Oh, this slave's cock and balls are so vulnerable that Savannah cannot resist having a go with them. She beats the slut's balls with a riding crop. As the slave whimpers and moans, Savannah beats the balls even harder. Then she grabs them up and laughs at the slave. It isn't as if he is in a position to protest. She picks up a cattle whip and lays into his cock and balls with cruel lashes. The slave jerks about but his held in place by his helpless balls. Savannah grabs his cock up in her hands and stares the bitch down. "This cock and ball set is MINE. Cheyenne left these here for ME." Then she lays back in with brutal blows the sluts aching balls, smiling all the while. Savannah wonders if the cock and balls can actually produce. She tells the trembling slut that he'll have an opportunity to make his balls work for her. Savannah gives the slut several more harsh whacks with her riding crop, wondering out loud if she has broken the balls or if they'll be able to spill their male filth.
Brutally Female Domination!