Mistress Coral is auditioning a new bitch. She demands that this bitch put his hands on his head, swing the heavy weights attached to his balls and present his body for a sound beating. Coral begins with the cane. "Keep those weights swinging!" Mistress demands as she delivers ruthless cane strokes. "I want those balls stretched!" She grabs the bitch by his balls and stands up him in the proper position. She wants to know if he can use good slave posture while submitting to female discipline. Coral brings out her single tail whips...not one whip but two! With a single tail in each hand, Coral cuts into the bitch with one lash after another. Mistress laughs as she cracks her whips at the trembling bitch's back. Maybe this slut didn't know what he was getting into but it is too late now. Coral forces the slut onto his knees. She allows him to beg for mercy. Then Coral smiles. "Mercy is 10 more cane strokes!" Coral picks up her cane and delivers well more than ten more strokes to the slave's aching and welted body. Coral loves every minute of this sweet audition.