ClubDom - In Our World Women Rule!
Mistress Jean is in the mood for single tail whipping. She has her slave restrained to a cross out doors. With the sun shining and a slave at her whim, nothing pleases Mistress Jean more on a beautiful spring day. She lays into the slave with deep lashes from her whip. The slave whimpers and moans. This annoys Jean and she beats the slave even harder. The slave cries for mercy. He has not been beaten all winter. This is even more reason for Jean to give this bitch a severe whipping. He needs spring training. Jean laughs at his pleas to be released from the whipping. She picks up his balls and says, "Don't you know that ball torture is next?" Then she cuts into the trembling slave with more vicious lashes, smiling all the while.
Brutally Female Domination!