ClubDom - In Our World Women Rule!
Nina is having a wonderful time visiting Mistress Jean. She is fascinated with Female domination. Nina just has to ask, "Can male slaves be used for sex?" Jean smiles. She knows just what Nina is getting at. Mistress Jean has been keeping a male stud in chastity for well over a month. He is hung and prime for fucking. "You have to understand the rule." Jean explains, "When a slave is used for sex, he is castrated immediately after he cums." After all, a FemDom stable cannot have an arrogant male with bragging rights. Nina laughs. She can't believe it but she is enthralled. Jean brings the male stud to Nina. Nina rides the slave, fucking him for her enjoyment. The slave starts to plead, "Please don't make me cum. She will castrate me!" The male doesn't realize that Nina already knows his fate. "Are you kidding me?" Nina laughs, "I want to see you get castrated!" Nina keeps riding the slave until he can no longer fight his orgasm. Then Nina straddles the slave and feeds him his own cum. "This is what your last orgasm tastes like," She laughs. Mistress Jean now takes over. The slave has been taken to the "procedure room" and force fed muscle relaxers. As Jean places the castration tool around her new gelding she tells him, "The pain will be very distinct but what you will always remember is the crushing sound when the tubes that feed your balls are destroyed."
Brutally Female Domination!