ClubDom - In Our World Women Rule!
Mistress Jean introduces Nina to the joys of ball abuse. Jean lines up her ball busting slave and grabs his balls up in her hand. "Would Nina like to nail this bitch in the nuts?" Nina laughs. "Just haul off and kick him in the balls?" She asks. Jean smiles and punches the slave in the balls with full force. Nina lights up. The ladies begin delivering barefoot kicks to the slave's balls. When Nina's comes in a little light, doubling the slave over but not knocking him down, Jean follows up with a severe ball blow. The slave is kicked off his feet several times. As he rolls around the in the floor unable to stand back up, the ladies keep kicking him in the nuts. The slave begins to beg for mercy. Jean informs the slut he isn't done yet. The ladies then pounce on him and punch his bruised and aching balls.
Brutally Female Domination!