ClubDom In Our World Women Rule
Goddess Lexi leads her slave in by a leash. She picks up the slave's cock, squeezing it tightly. She is disgusted with him. She smacks his cock hard. Then she pushes him back and kicks him square in the nuts. The slave slumps over. Mistress drags him to his feet by his cock. She wants to know what excuse he has for having such a pathetic dick. Before the slave can answer, Lexi kicks him in the balls again, this time knocking him right off his feet. Lexi stands over the conquered slave in a victory pose, grinding her spikey heel into his aching balls. Then a devilish look comes over Lexi. She wants more! Lexi pounces on bitch, grabbing his balls and punching them.
In Our World Women Rule!
Brutally Female Domination!