ClubDom In Our World Women Rule
Cheyenne has her slave locked into a change with his balls secured helpless in front of him. Cheyenne gags the bitch and then begins whipping his balls. There is a price to pay for having balls in Cheyenne's stable. Cheyenne shows this slut no mercy as she whips his balls black and blue. The ball beating is utterly brutal. Cheyenne squeezes her slut's balls. She rips the ball gag out of the bitch's mouth. "Ask me to whip your balls until they need to be amputated!" Cheyenne demands. The terrified slut complies, his voice trembling. This isn't the time to anger Mistress. Cheyenne laughs as she lays back into the slave's bruised and broken balls with her single tail, leaving the slave with the thin hope that she will stop before his balls are completely destroyed.
In Our World Women Rule!
Brutally Female Domination!