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Cheyenne has her slave on a platform. She lays into him a single tail whip. Cheyenne snaps the whip, delivering one cruel lash after another. The slave begins to beg for mercy. Cheyenne scoffs at him. There is no mercy in her dungeon. She continues delivering deep, cruel lashes to the trembling slave, producing instant red and purples welts. The slave whispers that he needs a break, hoping Cheyenne will show compassion for him. Cheyenne is thoroughly enjoying her slave's suffering. There is no way she is going to stop now. She puts him down on his feet and get out a bamboo cane. "Here is your break!" Cheyenne laughs cutting into her slave's flesh with full force strokes from her cane. She delivers one cruel cane stroke after another until the slave actually wants to be whipped again. Cheyenne is happy to oblige. She begins laying into her bitch with the single tail whip, even harder than last time. Cheyenne is simply glowing as she whips her slut until he is to the point of breaking. *You may notice the "M" on her slave's ass. This is the same bitch she used in "Quest for Brand." *11 minutes of extreme whipping at an amazing price.*
Brutally Female Domination!