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Then Cheyenne's slut is secured in bondage boots and suspension cuffs. Cheyenne lays into her slut's balls with a single tail whip. Her slave moans as he spins around, feigning that he cannot keep his balance. Cheyenne's response is to whip his backside. Cheyenne is relentless as she beats her slut, refusing to believe his cries for mercy. She demands that he keep his balance and accept her whip. Cheyenne beats the slave with no mercy, producing bruises on his pathetic cock and balls. She stripes the groveling slut's back with her vicious lashes. Cheyenne removes the humbler from the slaves balls and squeezes them tightly to expose the welts from her cattle whip. Then she shoves the whip into the slave's mouth. She is disgusted with his lack of gratitude. She leaves the broken and sobbing slave to hang in her dungeon all night.
Brutally Female Domination!