Club Dom Brutally Female Domination!
It isn't easy to be a personal slave to Lady Cheyenne. Once in while she feels like a good dose of ball busting. In this video she has her personal bitch chained to the floor with his hands secured over his head. She puts a blindfold over his eyes to make sure he is completely defenseless. Then she nails him in the balls with repeated blows. Cheyenne is amused that her slave cannot see when the next kick is coming or from where. She circles him, nailing his helpless balls from the front and then, as he is still doubled, over from behind. Cheyenne will not allow any cheating. If she suspects that her slut is trying to position his balls away from her brutal boots, she grabs him and holds him in place as she nails his nuts even harder. Then she releases the chain and demands that the terrified slut stand up. Before the trembling slave can even stand up fully, Cheyenne delivers a brutal blow to his balls. Then she forces him back to his feet and lays in again. She grabs his balls up to punch and smack them. Cheyenne drags her slut across the floor by his cock. Then she delivers the most brutal kicks of all. *The amount of ball busting is staggering.* Cheyenne loves every sadistic minute, beating the slave's balls until he is crumbled on the floor and unable to move.
Brutally Female Domination!