ClubDom - In Our World Women Rule!
Cheyenne has her slut backed up to a pole with his ankles restrained to a spreader bar and his hands cuffed over head. The slave's balls are on a rope that Cheyenne holds. Oh, this one is so vulnerable. Cheyenne lays into the bitch with dead on kicks to his balls. As the bitch doubles over Cheyenne kicks his belly in rapid fire succession. The slave begs Cheyenne to stop but she keeps the brute force kicks coming. Then she lays into with full force punches to his balls and belly. The slave begins crying that he may pass out. Cheyenne laughs and removes her boots. She wants more of this slut's balls before he goes down. Cheyenne's stocking feet mean business as she kicks him repeatedly in his aching and bruised balls. The slave slides down the pole but Cheyenne forces him back to his trembling feet and lays in with brute force kicks again. Satisfied that the slave has been taken out by his balls, Cheyenne smirks at his crumbled manhood.
Brutally Female Domination!