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The Faggot Likes It!
Sasha is certain that this bitch will learn his place. She fits him up with a riding bit in his mouth,locks his balls into a humbler and throws him over the dining room table. Sasha is going to drive 9 inches of hard cock in this bitch's ass and make him like it. Sasha takes it slow and deep as she impales this faggot on her huge cock. Sasha humiliates the slut, robbing him of any hope of manhood as she drives her dick into his ass, forcing him to admit that he likes getting fucked in the ass, all the while his balls are locked up and helpless.



The Sharing of Bitch boy
Mistress Veronica has bitch boy strung upside down by his ankles. She spins him around, showing him off to her girlfriends, Laurie and Raina. "Do anything to him, "Veronica says, "He will take any amount of pain." Veronica is simply glowing as she launches into her bitch with a bull whip. Laurie laughs and starts in with her crop as Raina picks up a cane. The ladies delight in giving the bitch the beating of his life. When the bitch starts to cry, Laurie shoves her foot into his mouth. "Don't spill a single tear on my floor!" Veronica warns. Then the ladies smile at each other, circle bitch boy and lay into him hot and heavy. WHOA. These ladies are enjoying themselves.




A Ball Between Friends
Cheyenne and Katherine are ready for a work out. They have picked out a helpless little ball bitch to be their punching bag. Cheyenne and Katherine have a great time kicking and punching the bitch. Katherine holds the bitch as Cheyenne delivers cruel blows to his balls. Then Katherine grabs the bitch's balls up and punches them with full force. The ladies laugh as the slut falls to the ground, unable to catch his breath. "Oh, we aren't done yet!" Katherine laughs as she begins stomping the slut's aching balls. Cheyenne drags the bitch back to his feet. The ladies commence with brutal blows to the balls until the slut is down for good. As he lays on the ground unable to move, Cheyenne gives him once last kick. Cheyenne and Katerine are radiant in this video. They are simply having a ball!



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