Femdom Video ThumbCaught Byt the Guardesses Part 2: Edged and Force-Milked
Coming 05/24/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jamie Valentine Paris
Paris and Jamie have their captive spy restrained. He still will not talk so they decide to clear his head a little more by forcing all of the man-filth out of him that is clouding up his brain.
Paris uses a milking device and she has it on a setting that is JUST edging him enough to drive him crazy. She wants to make sure that he has a chance to build up all of that filth in his balls, ready to expel later.
Jamie taunts him and dominates him with her hands and her sharp words.
Eventually the two Guardesses milk him together, smearing his filth all over his face.
They are not finished with him.

Femdom Video ThumbSlave For Blondes Part 3: Cum Licking Fucker
Coming 05/23/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Alexis FawxParker Swayze
The two hot blondes are not done with their sex slave. He must now fuck Mistress Parker with his hard injected cock. He pounds away with his hard cock into her inviting wet pussy while the two blondes dominate him. After the Mistresses are satisfied, he is milked onto her boots and forced to lick it off. He is so humiliated and used. He will make a fine sex slave for them.

Femdom Video ThumbSex Slave For Blondes Part 2: Forced to Fuck
Coming 05/19/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Alexis FawxParker Swayze
The two hot blonde Mistresses are horny from all of the ass licking and now want their new sex slave to fuck them both. They can't have him going limp on them so they force him to stay hard by giving him a huge shot into his balls. If he cums, his balls will fall off so he must stay hard for them. They force him to fuck Mistress Alexis Faux until she is satisfied but they aren't finished, Mistress Parker is next.

Femdom Video ThumbCaught by the Guardesses Part 1: Whipping
Coming 05/18/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jamie Valentine Paris
The Guardesses Paris and Jamie catch this man spying on them. He had been hiding on the side of the compound when a slave saw and reported him to the Mistresses. Paris kicks out the block he was standing on to make the spy dangle helplessly. Jaime and Paris both begin interrogating him, using their whips to make him talk. They will soon break him.
Categories: Whipping