Femdom Video ThumbMichelle's Pleasure Slave 3: Whipped
Coming 08/26/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Michelle Lacy
Michelle is now going to whip her slave for failing to pleasure her. She already bruised up his cock and not she wants to do the same to his back. Michelle whips her slave while threatening him. "If I wasn't thinking about using you as a human dildo later, I might have taken all of your skin off" she says about his cock." Michelle makes the slave suffer with each lash. Then she admires his lashes and with her leather gloved hand, makes him taste her wet pussy.
Categories: Whipping

Femdom Video ThumbMichelle's Pleasure Slave 2: Cropped and Punished
Coming 08/25/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Michelle Lacy
Michelle is unhappy that she was not pleasured well enough when she finally had given her slave the chance to prove himself. Now he is in for a punishment he will not soon forget. Michelle decides that she wants him to suffer and she will start by punishing his cock. Michelle crops her slave's cock repeatedly and hard while scolding him and showing him that he could have had his chance to pleasure her and he blew it. She punishes and scolds him while he winces in pain, his cock getting more bruised by the second.
Categories: CBT

Femdom Video ThumbJamie Valentine & Olivia Shock Balls
Coming 08/24/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jamie Valentine
Categories: CBT

Femdom Video ThumbMichelle's Pleasure Slave 1: Oral Slave
Coming 08/23/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Michelle Lacy
Mistress Michelle Lacy is away from the Club Dom estate, and enjoying herself alone with her slave. She has a bedroom turned into a dungeon which she will use to torment and train her slave in order to mold him into her most obedient pleasure puppet. She has her slave locked in a cage. "You are in for a real treat today slave. Today you get to worship my sweet pussy. The last slave didn't do it for me and I have been pent-up ever since!" She shoves her leather gloved finger across her wet pussy and makes him smell it. She then takes him out of the cage and shows him her pussy. She makes him worship her boots in order to get her pussy wet. She smashes a flogger on him and commands him to do it better. "I said LICK!" she demands. The boot slave continues to lick her boots, suck on the heel, cleans the bottoms and does as she demands. She then stops him and forces him to eat her pussy. She moans but he isn't doing a very good job. She has to get herself off with her vibrator and decides she is going to make him suffer horribly for screwing up.
Categories: Pussy Worship