Femdom Video ThumbFucked Owned and Used
Coming 06/24/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jean Bardot
Natalya Sadici and Jean Bardot stuff the faces of their man slaves with their superior femdom cocks, ramming them deep down their drooling face-holes. The men have to tae every inch down their throats as they stare up at the gorgeous latex-clad Goddesses who own them. The Mistresses decide to bend the two sluts over their own cages and fuck them hard and deep in their pathetic asses until they feel totally humiliated and owned. It's not enough that the women laugh and taunt them as they pound their holes but Paris decides to visit and join in on the fun and instructs slave 122 to lick her pussy while he gets fucked by Mistress Natalya. The slave has no choice but to obey. He can taste her wet pussy and is overwhelmed by the power of all three women.
Categories: Strap-on, strapon

Femdom Video ThumbMistress Games: Tug of War
Coming 06/22/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jean BardotParis Knight
Jean Bardot and Paris each have a slave who is representing them in a tug of war game like no other. The slaves will have to pull on a rope attached to their nuts across a designated goal line in order to win. Jean and Paris both threaten to their slave that they need to win or else! The slaves pull and pull with their nuts tied up with rope until they are in awful pain while the women smirk and cheer them on more. The ladies make the game even harder by pulling on the rope, crushing, stepping on and squeezing the slave's balls.
Categories: CBT

Femdom Video ThumbMilitia of Femdom: Guardess Whipping
Coming 06/21/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jean Bardot
General Jean Bardot and Natalya Sadici bring two helpless meat puppets out to be beaten without mercy. They begin to string a struggling slave up and are frustrated so they break him by delivering ball kicks and a nasty knee. They end up whipping not just him but both of the pathetic men because that is what we do here at the Femdom Militia. Except the women are just not finished yet. They decide the men's balls should match their backs.
Categories: Whipping

Femdom Video ThumbBoot Bitch for Jean and Paris
Coming 06/20/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Jean Bardot
The slave is ordered to worship Jean Bardot and Paris Knight's boots. He gets right to work shining their boots with his tongue, cleaning the bottoms of the boots and making his dominant owners happy. Maybe if he does a good job, they will finally allow him to cum. It's been months since he was last drained and the women know it and are making him work hard for the privilege of draining his pathetic slut sack. Finally they are pleased and order him to jerk off onto their boots...all so he can eat it of course.
Categories: Boot Worship