Femdom Video ThumbGoddess Cheyenne & Jean Bardot Caning
Coming 01/20/2017
Featuring Mistresses: Goddess CheyenneJean Bardot
Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Jean Bardot are training their new slave by caning his bare ass. They remind him how important it is to be appreciative of their attention and energy. Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Jean Bardot take turns caning his pale ass and leave many bright red marks on it.
Categories: Caning

Femdom Video ThumbArena Rome Hardcore Whiping
Coming 01/19/2017
Featuring Mistresses: Arena Rome
Queen Arena Rome has her slave on her St. Andrew's Cross and forces him to beg to be whipped. When Queen Arena is convinced her slave wants to feel the sting of her whip, she proceeds to lash his pale white back. Her slave cries out in pain while being whipped until his back is bright red.
Categories: Whipping

Femdom Video ThumbAlexia Jordan Whips The Slave
Coming 01/18/2017
Featuring Mistresses: Alexia Jordan
Watch as Alexia Jordan lets her caged slave out and ties him up because he was being bad, then whips him till he begs the safe word..
Categories: Whipping

Femdom Video ThumbForced To Make Her Cum
Coming 01/17/2017
Featuring Mistresses: Cadie CoxxEsmi Lee
The slave is bound up with a dildo gag in his mouth. He can't move much at all, not enough to run away. It's time for him to learn his place here, and that is to exist fof the pleasure of the women. Mistress Esmi is a young and new Mistress at the compound but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how much power she has. She gets into the slave's face and tells him that he has five minutes to pleasure her friend, Mistress Cadie, or else she is going to cane him until he is a mess. She forces him into her pussy. Goddess Cadie instructs him on how to fuck her while Esmi shoves his pathetic face in and out. He doesn't have much time left and has to make her cum. he is just a living, breathing tool for their pleasure now.
Categories: Body Worship