Femdom Video ThumbNadia & Goddess Valora Masturbation Instruction
Coming 12/02/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Goddess ValoraNadia White
Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia White see you getting ready to stroke your pathetic tiny cock and give you some instructions on how you can make them happy. The Goddesses tell you what they are going to do to your man pussy with their big black strap on cocks. They stroke their cocks teasing you before they let you come.
Categories: Masturbation Instruction

Femdom Video ThumbNadia and Goddess Valora Gimp Milking
Coming 12/01/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Goddess ValoraNadia White
Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Valora know it's time to feed their gimp slave. They have the slave in the milking chair while they stroke his filthy slut stick. After the slave spills his man batter, Goddess Nadia smears the filth on the slaves face so he can get fed.
Categories: Milking

Femdom Video ThumbNadia & Goddess Valora's Chindo Plaything
Coming 11/30/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Goddess ValoraNadia White
Goddess Valora learns that one of her slaves wants to experience the pleasure of fucking blonde Goddess Nadia White. Instead of using his pathetic filthy cock, they put a chindo on his face so that Goddess Nadia has a chance to get a bit of pleasure. Goddess Valora pushes the slave's head towards Goddess Nadia's pussy so the slave can learn what fucking feels like.
Categories: Body Worship

Femdom Video ThumbCry for Madame Nikki Photos
Coming 11/29/2016
Featuring Mistresses: Nikki Brooks
Goddess Nikki Brooks wants to whip her pathetic skinny slave. She rakes his back with her nails so that his back is primed to feel the sting of her red whip. Goddess Nikki's slave dances in place as she mercilessly leaves deep red marks on his white flesh.
Categories: Female Domination